Jessie Ware is finally coming to America

If you haven’t heard Jessie Ware singing “Wildest Moments,” please do yourself a favor and listen to it right now. I’ll wait.

The British singer has an incredible talent for making sexy music, like a younger Sade with a little bit of an edge (she has rapper ASAP Rocky on a rad “Wildest Moments” remix). Half a year after she released her highly-praised soul-pop album in the UK, the U.S. is finally able to own Devotion as of today.

“I know how I like to sound but I wasn’t going for a ‘sexy’ vibe on purpose,” the 28-year-old singer said. “It actually makes me cringe to think of trying to be sexy in the vocal booth!” But that’s part of Jessie’s appeal — she has such a desirable but effortless style that doesn’t need to be accompanied by a scantily-glad stage presence to get your attention. In fact, she’s usually very covered up, but in some enviable outfits.

“I like bold but rather simple outfits, so whether that be a good blazer or shirt or a strong shoulder pad or very figure hugging dress, I like the shape to look strong on stage,” Jessie said. “And I love gold jewellery. I never take my hoops off. Offstage you will see me high waisted trousers and crop tops or baggy jumpers at the moment.”

Both her fierce sound and style mean Jessie was destined to have a gay fanbase, and she’s also very vocal about her support for equality on Twitter.

“My brother is gay which means I feel very close to the gay community,” Jessie said. “I feel like he’s had it harder — growing up and coming out — and I feel very protective of him. People are still so casually homophobic it really irritates me. I have learnt that I have a bit of a gay following, especially when I toured the states in January. It was great!”

Jessie says she loves “flirting with the gay guys on the front row,” and that American fans have so far felt “louder and more chatty” when she’s playing to them live. Because so many of us are only beginning to see her perform live for the first time on this new tour, we don’t know just what to expect from someone whose voice is enchanting and overall presence is mesmerizing. Jessie filled us in.

“[Expect] a lot of me talking shit, a bit of laughter, a great band — and hopefully you will leave wanting to come see me again.”

Devotion is available in stores and on iTunes today.