“Lost Girl” Recap (3.13): On the road to everlasting wander

Bo runs into the Dal, but finds it empty save for the radio. It springs to life and plays, what else, “The Wanderer.” The song skips on “You don’t even know my name,” and Bo concurs. His tarot card drifts down slowly from the sky. Bo’s still not impressed, and asks if he has anything more than parlor tricks. He obliges by blowing out all the glass and lights, and then sending the sinister smoke monster after her. And then the smoke makes her disappear in a puff only to reappear somewhere all-too familiar. This isn’t smoke and mirrors, folks. This is serious daddy issues.

Bring it on, Season 4.


I would kill to be a fly on the wall when Kenzi and the Morrigan have a girls night and watch Magic Mike.

Morrigan: It’s so gratifying finding the pleasure in the little things.
Kenzi: Like watching Channing Tatum dancing in 3D. Why don’t we start with that?


Now seems like an excellent time to heap hearty thanks of series producer Emily Andras for a thrilling, well-rounded (ahem) Season 3.