Wildfang does Marlene Dietrich, TIlda Swinton and Gwen Stefani

If you have yet to check out Wildfang’s wares, perhaps you’ll be inspired by their just-released lookbook, which they gave us the first look at it. It’s all about tomboy icons, and we are loving it. The idea is to pay homage to the women who originated the fashions that are too-often cited as a new kind of trend. “They’re the strong independent women we wanted to grow up to be,” says creative director Taralyn Thout.

With that in mind, Wildfang encourages you to style yourself in the vein of:

Marlene Dietrich

Gwen Stefani

Tilda Swinton

Diane Keaton

Francoise Hardy

Patti Smith

I’m more of a Marlene, myself. Bonus points if you spotted out Gossip drummer Hannah Blilie doing her best Tilda! She says on the site:

I absolutely loved getting into character. Tilda is an incredible actor and androgynous icon.

And if you are loving these looks, perhaps you’ll also be interested in this tomboy tank top they are selling as of Wednesday.