“Orphan Black” recap: Sister, Sister (1.09)

Previously on Orphan Black, Cosima and Delphine made crazy science together, Alison lost her cool on yet another suspected Monitor, and KIRA. GOT HIT. BY A CAR.

We open with Kira being rushed to the hospital, and poor Sarah is (understandably) a wreck. They’re forced to stay in the waiting room while Kira is checked out and Alison doesn’t really know what to do with herself, so she offers to get coffee. Felix decides Alison isn’t helping, so he gives her his keys and tells her to stay at his place for a while.

The doctors see something on Kira’s sonogram that raises a little suspicion, but they ultimately go out and tell Sarah that she has a lucky little girl and she’s going to be just fine.

On the sketchy abandoned boats, Helena is getting scolded by a very unhappy Tomas. Her phone goes off because Sarah is calling, so Tomas tells Helena to answer it and make Sarah come to them, but Helena has this inherent need to protect Sarah and won’t do what Tomas asks. He’s not a huge fan of being disobeyed, so he does what any normal authority figure would do to an unruly subordinate and puts her in a cage.

At the townhouse, Paul is giving Freaky Leekie a tour of his and Beth’s place. The good doctor tells Paul that he doesn’t believe a word Olivier said – he knows there were two clones in the club and he knows that Helena is way too insane to pull off being Beth long and well enough to fool Paul.

Meanwhile, Alison is giving Felix’s loft a full OCD wipe down. Scrubbing, sorting, even storing certain … paraphernalia. She asks if she can stay with him until she gets back on her feet, and then asks if he’ll go with her to pick up some stuff from her house. I don’t know about you, but I am kind of obsessed with this friendship.

Cosima is chatting on the phone with Sarah, glad that Kira is okay. Sarah asks how it is scientifically possible that Kira survived such a violent accident with just a few scrapes, but the only science Cosima has been very good at lately has been making crazy science with Delphine, so she doesn’t really know. She’s not even sure how it’s possible Sarah HAD a biological child, honestly. Sarah tells her once more to stay away from Delphine.

Paul stops by Mrs. S’s house to bring Kira some toys and to tell them that Leekie knows that it wasn’t only Helena in the club, and that her name is Sarah Manning. He also tells them that Leekie wants to arrange a meeting with Sarah, which honestly doesn’t sound like an awesome idea.

Back at the University, Cosima is approached by an eager beaver who has the results of the DNA testing she asked for. He shows her that there is a synthetic sequence in the samples, and that it’s different for each source, even though everything else is identical. Delphine interrupts the share-session and proceeds to make the little beaver super nervous by planting a (very seductive) kiss on Cosima after inviting herself over.

Sarah is off to meet Dr. Leekie and asks Mrs. S if she is going to be okay alone with Kira. She is assured they’ll be fine when Mrs. S whips out her giant shotgun, because she is the best foster mother ever.

The police are super confused about the fact that they have like a bushel of dead and alive people that all look exactly the same, and now this Felix character is somehow involved. Art arranges an off-the-record meeting with “Beth” and gives her the chance to come clean, because he knows something fishy is going on that started with the Maggie Chen incident. Sarah continues to play dumb, trying to stave him off as long as possible.

In the suburbs, Felix and Alison walk right into an intervention, complete with the local pastor. Donnie starts and lays everything out on the table – pills, drinking, craft room torture. Normal intervention stuff. Aynsley goes next – sex with her husband, death threats, etc. Eventually it all becomes too much for poor Alison and she storms upstairs into the bathroom. 

Cosima calls Sarah and tells her that she was wrong, that their DNA isn’t 100% identical – it seems they all have a bar code of sorts. Sarah tells Cosima that she’s about to meet Leekie, and despite the geeky clone’s suggestion to hear him out, she’s seriously considering putting a bullet in his brain. She also asks Cosima if she ratted her out to Delphine, because Sarah can’t think of how else Leekie would know her real name.

The meeting happens at an abandoned construction site, because apparently nearly everything is abandoned in this city. Leekie is that combination of kind and creepy that keeps you wondering whose side he’s on, though it’s clear Sarah doesn’t trust him. He says he oversees data collection on the clones, but Sarah and Helena hadn’t been under his supervision. He knows about Tomas, and says that he’s the opposite of a Neolutionist and a religious extremist. He had taken Helena and trained her to kill other clones, and Leekie (supposedly) wants to save her, to deprogram her, to help her.