Styled Out: Falling for fashion week

You may or may not know, but it’s officially the Mercedes Benz Spring 2009 Fashion Week in New York City. Depending on their rank, designers from all over the world are strutting it up and down the runway showing the rest of us what’s going to be hip six months from now. (I told you they were more or less backward when it came to all of that runway business.) Among the more notable appearances was one by my favorite ceLESbrity couple, Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan. Check out Samantha’s new hair color:

I’m not sure how I feel about the brunette mop yet, but it’s great how lesliciously coordinated the two are. Anyway, I won’t bore you with too many of the details of Fashion Week ‘09, and, rather, focus on a couple of points of inspiration and/or disgust rising in my esophagus from the spectacle of the events and why they may be important in your life.

Raincoats, people. My girlfriend one-upped me the other day when she busted out one with armpit ventilation (by North Face, if you’re interested). Marc Jacobs (who I obviously despise) was a doing a lot with plastics and mismatched jackets when he debuted his Spring ’09 collection yesterday. That, combined with the recent onslaught of hurricane related weather, was a refresher in how practical and pleasantly attractive rain gear can be. It’s a spring (as well as a fall) essential, so I was grateful for the reminder. There’s the classic trench, standard rubber, and hell, I’m sort of even into the cheaper crinkly plastic numbers with cherries printed all over them. They’d look great paired with some red rubber Hunter galoshes. I’m totally in love.

Beware the Betsey Johnson. Sometimes I love the crazy lady and sometimes I hate her, but my more feminine comrades (who typically heart the hell out of old BJ) will have to agree that looking like a cake topper or a magician is never cute — not ever. Some of the collection is even reminiscent of Debbie Gibson, and that, my friends, is an era too recently re-visited. Inspired much by our country’s preoccupation with nuptials? I’m over it.

The Twinkle by Wenlan collection was chock-full of tailored pieces mixed with more delicate feminine accents, which is pretty much how I like my women, so it was a total winner in my book. Designer Wenlan Chia is always great for ready-to-wear and interesting knits but she really out-did herself this time. I can’t wait for this to hit stores, but, in the meantime, I wouldn’t mind seeing a girl or two in suspenders and a vest for an autumn version of andro.

Zac Posen (who recently designed the wedding attire for our beloved Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi) is debuting his spring collection this Thursday, so you have a new taste for Posen after seeing Ellen in that suit, keep an eye out for photographs of his latest styles.