Styled Out: Power lesbians and the suits they love

This week, politics is quite simply making me obsess over power lesbian suits. All the best female politicians wear them, gay or straight. Really, every powerful female businesswoman I can recall has gallivanted around in them, and it’s a choice garment for any lady of authority. Women in suits have always been a force to reckon with.

Forgive my L Word reference, but there is no denying how Bette Porter brought the lady’s suit back. She took the strength of the power pants into new realms. With hippie and hopeful pregnant Tina on her arm, she cursed more, dominated more and curated the s–t out of that controversial Jesus show, and we all loved her for it. While her hair and choice of undergarments were arguably out of date, that was the last thing any of us had on our minds.

And Hillary Clinton may be married to Bill, but her strong feminist personality simply screams dominant femme. Sophisticated and age–appropriate, she always came off as a true class act.

I’m in severe democratic affection mode, and it has to be mentioned that Michelle Obama, while not a power lesbian, is just stunning and lovely. Both she and Hillary are figures in the recent political light who have knocked my socks off with their ability to convey grace and femininity while projecting power and prestige. Power lesbians, take note of their attire, and adapt it into your own wardrobe.

If you’re aiming to look chic and professional in your office but don’t have the funds for a Prada suit, fear not. For everyday office wear, a sharp button-up and a pair of interestingly colored corduroys will most definitely turn a head or two. It’s extra snappy-looking with a sweater vest. This is another and more interesting way to keep warm if the temperature hasn’t quite been regulated in your office. The outfits are quite versatile, too, so you might even find yourself wearing one on the weekends.

If you need to dress for an occasion such as a job promotion or interview and need to clean up beyond everyday office wear, it’s not going to be as hard as you think. Strangely enough, department stores like Macy’s and even JCPenney have an extensive selection of suit jackets made especially for the young male — ah-hem, that is, nearly perfectly cut for you, the young strapping dyke. Paired with a nice pencil skirt or a freshly pressed pair of pants, you’ll be dressed to impress. I’m a huge fan of a classically cut white button-up for underneath the sports coat — it goes with everything and always looks great.

Oh, poor Palin. What ever is she going to do with that pile of power suits her campaign spent so much money on?