“Cherry Bomb” makes a Lita casting change

As Trish Bendix reported a few weeks ago, the film about The Runaways, Cherry Bomb, has found the actress to play guitarist Lita Ford — only it’s not who we thought.

Apparently, the deal with Alessandra Torresani fell through, because this weekend Variety reported that the role belongs to Scout Taylor-Compton. (Thanks to astifledchance for the tip!)

Taylor-Compton herself confirmed the news on her MySpace page:

I have some pretty exciting news! I have recently been filming my ass off on my newest project The Runaways!! So far the process has been amazing, I am so lucky and honored to be able to portray the guitar icon Lita Ford!

Taylor-Compton is probably best known for playing Laurie Strode, the role made famous by Jamie Lee Curtis, in the newest incarnation of Halloween.

But does anyone else remember her as Dean’s kid sister on Gilmore Girls?

The good news about this casting change is that Taylor-Compton already is a musician — she sings and plays multiple instruments, including the guitar. So playing Ford doesn’t seem to be quite as much of a stretch as it would have been for Torresani.

Now Cherry Bomb apparently is without its bassist Jackie Fox, Taylor-Compton’s previously announced part — unless Torresani is moving to that role. We’ll keep you posted.

I think this recast bodes well for the film. Nothing against Torresani, but I just didn’t see anything in her background that told me she could pull off a force like Lita Ford. Taylor-Compton has the acting chops to hold her own onscreen with Kristen Stewart’s Joan Jett.

Do you agree? Is Scout Taylor-Compton is a good choice to play Lita Ford?