What I’m Wearing to Pride

Something that takes up a lot of my time in June is choosing what to wear to Pride. There are many things to consider when choosing your outfit, but most important are comfort and safety.

Pride generally involves a lot of movement (marching in the parade, browsing the stalls, dancing to the acts on stage) so I’d recommend wearing something you’ll feel comfortable in for the entire day. That’s why I always wear sneakers rather than sandals or heels, but if you can spend six hours in stilettos, then more power to you.

Also, if you live in an area which is less welcoming to gay people, then you may wish to keep your outfit under wraps until you reach the Pride event. Again, that’s your call. I live in a relatively liberal area, but I know that isn’t everyone’s experience.

Once you’ve determined your level of comfort and safety, let’s get on to the fun stuff: showing Pride!

Getty Images
Getty Images


A lot of people choose to carry the Pride flag or a flag that represents their specific sexuality around on Pride Day.

When I went to Pride in 2016, I bought a flag that read “Born This Way” and proceeded to wear it as a cape for the rest of the day (and I did feel like a superhero).

If you’re thinking, “hang on, what’s the lesbian flag?” you’re not alone. Here’s an AE piece from 2015 on why the lesbian flag doesn’t get a huge amount of attention and why you may not know what it is.



Statement T-shirts

Statement T-shirts are awesome because they can convey a snappy message, without the need to hold up a flag or sign all day (my arms get tired!).

My favorite one to wear to Pride features a rainbow cat with the words “Gay Puuurrride” underneath, to which my friend responded “Oh Pussy…I get it” the first time he saw me wearing it.

Here are a selection of the best t-shirts that I’ve seen at Pride this year:

And this classic:



Rainbow Accessories

Rainbows are one of the most ubiquitous symbols of Pride and they come on just about anything from sneakers to bags to earrings.  Our videographer Sarah Woodward (pictured below) got sent one of these amazing Bows 4 Pride. All of the money raised goes towards charities which promote LGBTQ rights. How cool is that?

Sarah Woodward
Sarah Woodward

Here are some of the coolest rainbow accessories that I’ve seen about this year.



Face paint

Whether you choose to have something simple like the rainbow flag on one cheek or something more elaborate like a cat, face paint can be an excellent thing to show some Pride with. You could even choose to make your statement eye a little more dramatic by incorporating all the colors of the rainbow.




However, make sure that you use a reputable brand that can withstand heat and sweat. As I said earlier, you’ll be moving a lot and the last thing you want to have your face paint sweat off into your eye. Gross.


At the end of the day, wear whatever you like to Pride; as long as you feel good and have fun, that’s all that matters.

So what did you think? What are you wearing to Pride this year? Have you already been to Pride? Leave your comments down below and share a picture of your favorite thing to wear to Pride. And don’t forget to follow AfterEllen on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!