The Ultimate Sex Toy Gift for V-Day is Here

Sex toys are not all created equal.  Some might say a dildo is a dildo is a dildo. I would argue not so. They come in so many shapes and lengths and breadths and colors and textures and materials and styles that if you think they’re all the same, you’re not doing your homework. If you’re too busy for such pursuits, I have excellent news for you. Don’t tell the teacher, but I’ve done your homework for you.

The Wet for Her (by Women for Women. LOVE that.) Fusion Dildo has a very clever and very ergonomic base designed to hit the clit – and hit the clit it does in a very simple yet satisfying way. It has a super sleek and simple non-realistic design. But even better than that is the feel.

It’s made of 100% medical grade silicone and is velvety soft to the touch. Like seriously velvety soft. I don’t know how they do it. But I’m glad they do. I’m a fan of the medium. For me, it’s not too small, not too big. The cool thing is that it comes in three sizes. So, you can take your pick. It’s perfect to use with the Spare Parts harness. But I imagine it could be used with others as well.

It’s waterproof, which is awesome. It’s Phthalates free, thank goodness. And, it’s designed in Paris. Oo la la. It comes in black, purple, pink, all of which are very cool looking.

Now, if you ask me, you’ll want to add on the WowHer, which is Wet for Her’s Clitoral Vibrator. It too is 100% silicone and Phthalates free. It’s “splash proof,” which means you can use it in the shower but not the tub. It fits any dildo that .8 to 2.8 inches in diameter. And – here’s the best part to my mind, it has a five speed bullet vibrator that charges up quickly and lasts for at least an hour of play.

The bullet is USB rechargeable, and slips into the ridged sleeve which then slides on the Fusion or another dildo. (Though I can only vouch for its use on the Fusion.) The combo of the two is perfect. Most of us girls need vaginal penetration that provides G-Spot stimulation along with clitoral stimulation in order to have what I call the Ultimate Orgasm. That is, one that leaves nothing on the table. This combo does the trick in style!

There are a lot of toys out there. A lot. But they are not all created equal. For one, very few are designed by women for women. Wet for Her is. That gives them exponential points in my book. For two, way too many of them for last a few weeks and then, well, leave you hanging, not so with Wet for Her. These babies are of the “they just keep going and going” ilk. And finally, lots of toys out there check some of the boxes but not all when it comes to design and function and fair price and the rest. Wet for Her checks all the boxes. And, trust me, it will check all of your boxes too.

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