Raven-Symoné Got Married!

Raven-Symone got married

Hang on, I’m getting a vision. Raven-Symoné got married! You almost needed to be psychic to figure out that the star of Disney Channel’s most watched show tied the knot as she kept it under wraps. Symoné married Miranda Maday earlier this week. The couple even chose to hyphenate their last names, as Raven announced that she is now “Mrs. Pearman-Maday.”

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Symoné told the world about her socially-distanced wedding via Instagram. Before sharing the big news she announced that “something happened” earlier this week that “changed her life for the better.” No one expected it to be a wedding. Following that post, Symoné and her wife shared photos of her big day.


The newlyweds decided on black and white jumpsuits. Of course they did, lesbians practically invented mechanic chic. The pair also shared photos taken with their loved ones wearing face masks. It was truly Love in the Time of Corona. 

Raven first publicly acknowledged her sexuality in 2013, when the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in California, allowing same-sex marriage to continue. In 2016, she publicly came out as a lesbian. In an interview she mentions knowing from an early age that she was gay. She mentions forcing herself to date boys in an effort to protect her career. Symoné goes so far as to say she convinced herself she would eventually marry a man. But this week, she finally married a woman she loves.


Older generations know her as the cute little sister on the Cosby Show. While my generation knows her as a teen psychic on That’s So Raven. In the show, she was unapologetically herself. For this lesbian personally, she gave my middle school self a confidence boost. And if you went back in time to tell 11-year-old me that Raven is a lesbian, that she likes girls and ends up marrying the woman of her dreams, I would have laughed in your face. Give me a break, I was in middle school, I hadn’t grown any brain cells yet. But after that, I guarantee you that it would have saved me a lot of pain to know the girl I secretly idolized was just like me. And she got her happy ending, so I might get one too. And that is literally so Raven.