Bratz New Lesbian and Bi Dolls Are The Cutest

Bratz dolls have bi and lesbian representation

Famous doll franchise, Bratz just came out with two lesbian dolls in honor of pride month. While these kinds of marketing stunts are not always the best thing, these dolls are actually super adorable and we do not completely hate it.

On the Bratz social media channels, they dropped a few photos of Nevra and Roxxi their new gay dolls. Nevra is featured wearing a Bisexual statement pin, and Roxxi has a lesbian wristband. Hello, representation! Not to mention, both dolls are super fashionable, especially Roxxi’s “girlz like girlz shirt.” The two seem like they are in a very close relationship. So cute.

“Steppin’ out and coming out! Nevra and Roxxi are sharing their super stylin’ pride! Happy Pride Month from the whole Bratz Pack,” Bratz captioned their posts.

What makes this so monumental, is that now the young girls that play with these dolls can see that there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian or being bisexual. By adding gay dolls to their collection, Bratz is starting the narrative early for kids to learn about acceptance and love. We love to see it! 

Almost immediately after posting about Nevra and Roxxi, Bratz began to trend as fans and viewers alike replied with excitement.

There are a lot of Tweets about the Bratz dolls that said things like Adia’s statement, “I already made my Bratz gay as a kid but this is cute.” Thus, furthering the notion that as kids play with these dolls, they already were making the straight dolls gay. So by going ahead and creating the narrative for Nevra and Roxxi, Bratz is finally giving their customers and fans well-deserved representation.

Sure, most marketing schemes like this during Pride month are just that… schemes. However, these dolls provide more than just pride marketing. Nevra and Roxxi highlight to young girls that it is normal to be attracted to other girls, and it does not make them any less than their straight friends. Likewise, you can still have a passion for fashion, and for women. We are living for Nevra and Roxxi!

Now, Bratz, can we get some plus size dolls? Thanks in advance!