Morning Brew: Wednesday, Feb. 10

Good day!

The Los Angeles Times magazine has a feature on “50 Classic Movie Kisses” and a few lesbian liplocks made the list. They are ranked chronologically, so numbers don’t mean anything but the following were included: The Killing of Sister George, Cruel Intentions and Mulholland Drive. Also of note: Kelly McGillis kissing Tom Cruise in Top Gun. I’d love to see Cruel Intentions replaced with something a littler gayer, but I suppose we’ll never get away from that Selma-Sarah Michelle smooch. We’ll just have to own it. (Thanks, Brenda647!)

The lesbian film Claire of the Moon is being released with a new “making-of” special feature on a two-disc set from Wolfe Video. gave it a hilariously scathing review, and also gives us an update on what the women of the movie are doing now. It doesn’t sound like they are willing to give writer/director Nicole Conn a second chance with her new lesbian film, Elena Undone, but here’s hoping she’s learned from her mistakes.

I have the perfect gift for your Valentine. Rather, Brandi Carlile does. Who wouldn’t want her XOBC EP for only $3.99 on iTunes?

New Zealand will soon have a new TV program dedicated to the LGBT community. Wero will be a half hour show on Maori Television that will highlight “the outrageously flamboyant, socially marginalised, gloriously exuberant, politically shunned, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender and intersex community.” They will attempt this great feat in 20 episodes, and the segments range from serious to fun, including “The G List,” which will have fashion reporter Donald Hollingsworth judging gays and lesbians styles as “‘Great,’ ‘Gorgeous’ or ‘Glamorous.'” I’m glad “God Awful” isn’t an option.

I know what you’re saying — you haven’t heard enough about Ellen DeGeneres lately. She made her debut on Idol last night (as if you didn’t know), and here she is talking about her Hollywood Week experience.

Speaking of Ellen-related issues, I’m a little nervous that Better Off Ted is heading off air. Portia de Rossi‘s co-star Andrea Anders has just been cast opposite Matthew Perry and Allison Janney in Mr. Sunshine, and The Hollywood Reporter writes that Ted “is not expected to be renewed.” Sigh. The only way I’m going to recover from this is if Portia sinks herself into the Arrested Development film full time for the next few months.

This week, Heroes writer Tim Kring told The Onion’s AV Club how the “Claire is now a lesbian” plot came to be. He said: “We experimented with Claire having a relationship in high school, and the truth is, we all struggled with it as writers, because the engine of the show was always hyped up. It became complicated to stop that train for romance. It has to be very cleverly woven into the narrative in order for it not to feel like you’re putting the brakes on something big so you can have a relationship. If you can weave some romance into action, that’s great. But we struggled with that. This year with Claire, we wanted to explore the idea of her being a college freshman, living in the dorms, having friends—the theme was, “How do I blend into life, and what would happen if I were to actually try and present myself to the world as I really am?” To come out of the closet, so to speak. But there’s no such thing as saying “never” on a show like Heroes: We’ve got so much story to tell, best idea wins. We’ll take an idea from the guy who gets our coffee, you know?” Does anyone know someone who works at a Starbucks near the set? We need to get some notes in to the writers, stat. Here’s mine: “Claire and Gretchen make out more.”

The current issue of The Believer magazine features an interview with Sarah Waters. You can buy the issue online or at your local bookstore.

How is a film starring Ellen Page and Susan Sarandon going straight-to-DVD? It’s happening to Peacock, the 2008 film about “a quiet Nebraskan bank clerk (Murphy) with dual personalities (one male, one female) whose secret is exposed when a train crashes into his backyard. He then proceeds to try and fool the local townspeople into believe his separate personalities are actually real — a married man and wife couple.” It actually sounds awesome, and so I’ll check it out April 20. I kind of have to — I’ve seen every movie Ellen has done so far, including Homeless to Harvard. It would be sacrilegious not to Netflix this.

Check out the cover for Beth Ditto‘s upcoming memoir, Coal to Diamonds. She co-wrote the book with queen of the queer memoir, Michelle Tea. You can pre-order it now for September.

Lesbian comic artist/writer Ariel Schrag has a new project: Ariel and Kevin Invade Everything. The web comic is hilarious and looks like it will be updated quite frequently. If you’re too cheap to buy her other awesome books, check this one out for sure.

Hercules and Love Affair have made two remixes for Lady Gaga‘s “Bad Romance.” How much gayer can you get, really?

Hope you have a great hump day, friends.