Batwoman lives: Kate Kane is (finally) getting her own title!

Well, it turns out that little fit I had when I found out Greg Rucka was leaving DC was only slightly warranted. DC isn’t pulling the plug on Batwoman, after all; in fact, after years of (broken!) promises, Kate Kane is (finally!) getting her own title, to be drawn and co-authored by — whisper it — J.H. Williams III.

DC announced this morning that the Eisner-nominated artist behind Batwoman’s run on Detective Comics will helm the new (solo!) Batwoman title, which will launch in July.

Rucka told, "I think it’s really exciting, if not a little bit unexpected at the same time."

I completely agree with both of those sentiments!

Batwoman’s (solo!) title seemed like a done deal until Rucka began demurring about it at recent conventions, and when he announced that he was reluctantly walking away from Batwoman, it appeared that DC had killed the project. Of course, nothing is ever really dead in ComicLand. Still, the news that Kate Kane really is making a seamless transition to her own book is kind of shocking, and super exciting.

Williams says he hopes to preserve the integrity of the character that he and Rucka breathed life into, and that he’s still leaving the door open for Rucka to come back to the her. (Read: He won’t be visiting the Alice origins storyline that he and Rucka originally planned to end Batwoman’s Detective run).

Here’s a pretty interesting tidbit from CBR’s interview with Williams:

So much was made of Kate’s sexuality when she first arrived on the scene, which certainly raised her profile and the profile of the title, but was it equally important to get beyond that and start telling great stories and really developing her character?

It was a weird way to introduce a character in a lot of ways, and it did slap a bit of, not salaciousness, but maybe the priorities weren’t necessarily straight in bringing out a new character and making a new character relevant. It seemed like a bit of a trick in a way. So, I’m glad that we were able to break through that end. I don’t think many people view the character that way anymore based on the little bit of work that we’ve done. I think we’ve gone a long way to establish that she is a legitimate character and not just a publicity ploy.

I agree with that, too! Keep talking, Williams; I like the words coming out of your mouth!

Williams will be joined by W. Haden Blackman in writing and Amy Reeder in art.

As for the future of Renee Montoya, there are rumors that she’ll be the focus of Detective for three issues, and then return to her backup position when Bruce Wayne reappears in issue #867.

This Batwoman news has been a long, long time coming, and I can’t help myself: I’m stoked! The critical acclaim is there; the fanbase is there; the sales are there; JH Williams III is there! There’s absolutely no reason Batwoman’s (solo!) title shouldn’t be huge success.

What do you think of the news that Batwoman is finally getting her own book, with Williams in the lead?