8 Lesbian-Fronted Punk Bands You Should Listen To

Dream Nails lesbian punk band
Dream Nails

Are you feeling Gay as Punk? If punk music is your vibe, you may not know that there are many lesbian and bi fronted punk bands out there for you to listen to.

When you think “lesbian bands” the Indigo Girls or Tegan and Sara may come to mind, but did you know there are even more amazing lesbian/bi women front bands out there?

The Punk genre is all about rebellion, so it is no surprise that many lesbians would take to it. What better way to have your voice heard than to stick it to the man? Some older bands, some new. Do not worry, AfterEllen has got you covered. Here are eight Lesbian Fronted Punk Bands for you to listen to:

1. Dream Nails

Dream Nails is a UK punk band that just dropped their single, Jillian. Based out of London, this all-girl punk band writes songs about coming to understand and accept their sexualities. What makes this single super cute, is that it is based on Jillian Michael’s workout videos being their gay awakening. A must listen!

2. The Runaways

We cannot talk about Punk without talking about the Runaways. This female-led lesbian-themed band was a voice in the Punk genre in the 70s. Not to mention, they were all teenagers! The Runaways released 4 studio albums during their run and became a voice in the Punk world.


Wasi is a feminist pop-punk band led by two lesbian woman. Alright, we’re sold. The band has cultivated a large LGBT following  and really made a name for themselves in the lesbian community in particular.

4. It Was Romance

The punk band, It Was Romance, features bisexual actress, comedian, and writer Lane Moore. Cool, right? Moore writes and sings the pop-punk band’s music, but also directs the videos. We have to stan!

5. Screaming Females

Marisa Paternoster is an amazing guitarist, and not to mention a lesbian of a punk trio. This New Jersey based punk band is a must-see, and hopefully, we can catch them on tour (post-COVID, of course) real soon!

6. Savages

This female-led punk band has many members who could fall under their label of bisexual or lesbian. However, they prefer to remain label-less and let their music express everything they want to say. We can get down with that!

7. Football, Etc

Football, Etc is a female-led punk band that reels you in with their simplicity. They don’t give too much away, while also giving it all away. Deep. 

8. The Gossip

Punk band, The Gossip, is led by gay icon, Beth Ditto. What more can you ask for?