Seeing red for a good cause

Generally, I see Fashion Week and events like it as nothing more than overpaid stick-people walking around in clothes I wouldn’t want to be buried in. So the likelihood of me paying attention to anything related to the fashion industry is somewhere in the area of slim and none. (Sorry, Project Runway addicts; I’ve tried.)

However, thanks to Dorothy Snarker, about this time last year I stumbled across a fashion event I could learn to love. For the past five years, New York’s Fashion Week has kicked off with the Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection. The event is designed to raise awareness about heart disease among women. And it involves beautiful ladies strutting their stuff in fabulous red dresses by some of the industry’s top designers. Last year’s celebs included a coy Kelly Ripa.

Kristin Chenoweth was there, with her little dog too.

This year’s event, which took place on Feb. 1, included an equally stunning list of beautiful ladies. The group included some talented Latinas, a few singers you might have heard of, one L Word connection, a runway veteran in a skimpy little dress that came in a bag and a First Lady who can’t tell red from white.


Rita Moreno danced down the runway to the tune of “America” from West Side Story. I’m not sure Tony would have gone for the Chiquita banana hat, though.

Sara Ramirez showed off her fantastic anatomy and million-watt smile.

Joss Stone left her shoes in the box and made barefoot sexy.

Ashanti grooved, in spite of my failure to see the allure of her X-marks-the-spot dress.

Camryn Manheim, who graced The L Word set for four episodes as pompous producer Veronica Bloom, also graced the runway with her typical exuberance and gorgeous style.

Heidi Klum looked radiant in her barely there little number. What I want to know is what’s running through Liza Minnelli‘s mind as she watches. That expression must mean something.

Women of all shapes, colors and sizes marching with grace for a cause we should all be aware of? Now that’s my kind of fashion show.