Samantha Ronson, professional DJ and paparazzi target

When did you first hear the name Samantha Ronson? Was it in reference to her DJing at a high-profile party? Or perhaps it was in the form of “Charlotte Ronson‘s sister.”

Most likely, you heard about this butchy girl that Lindsay Lohan was friends with who was a lesbian, and you heard they sent scandalous MySpace messages to each other that were leaked on the internet. Then Lohan crashed her car and had cocaine inside and Perez Hilton said it was her girlfriend’s. Ohmygod, is Lindsay a lez?

It’s a tangled web Samantha’s in, and all because she’s dating an actress who is always inthe limelight.

The Los Angeles Times wrote a story on Ronson and her current legal battles against bloggers like Perez Hilton for referring to her as a coke user and “lezbot,” among other things. They interviewed Samantha’s original lawyer, Martin Garbus, who refers to her as “very bright,” despite her now suing him for malpractice.

Garbus is countersuing Ronson for money he feels he’s owed from their initial libel suit against Perez Hilton, and Garbus is apparently threatening her with gossip.

Garbus’ attorneys have identified Lohan as the most critical witness in the case besides the two litigants and have requested information concerning their relationship, finances, possible drug use and alleged rehab stays. In one measure of how far his defense plans to go, they have asked for copies of every text message and e-mail between the women over the last two years.

Every text message? Lindsay seems glued to her Blackberry, so this might pose some kind of problem for them, as court records have a way of becoming quite public. Fortunately, the court ordered protection for both Lindsay and Sam’s records, and nothing seems to have leaked yet.

The L.A. Times is both fair to Ronson and yet also skeptical of her celebrity. They refer to her as being “rooted in titillation and limited largely to consumers of pop culture.” While the latter might be true (my grandma surely has no idea who she is, but might recall LiLo from Mean Girls if prodded), it does feel somewhat degrading to refer to her as being well-known for, uh, being arousing. It almost seems as if it’s a subtle attack on her sexuality, something she’s suing mad about in the first place. Were she straight, or not involved with Lohan outside of a friendship, would she still be referred to in such a matter?

So much of what we know about Samantha Ronson is from pictures and other people’s testimonies, and this story is no different. She feels as if she is misrepresented, but does not talk to the press, perhaps for good reason. However, it seems the unfair treatment of herself and her relationship might continue until she decides to set the record straight. I volunteer my services at to be the place for that to happen.

Sam, call me.