“Dyke Central” is now available to stream on Amazon Prime!

The binge-worthy series that centers around the lives of black lesbians and their friends can now be streamed on Amazon Prime, as well as Revry and Seed Spark. AfterEllen reviewed this series in 2015 when the first few episodes were released. Now that you can stream all ten, here is our initial  review (below) to refresh your memory. 




I know what you’re thinking: You don’t need another web-series in your life. Between the shows you watch on broadcast networks from week to week, shows you binge-watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime over the weekends and the web series you watch while on a break at work, you already have a lot going on. I hear you. I do. And yet, I’d like to introduce you to Dyke Central, your new web obsession.

You’ve probably heard of Dyke Central before. It began as an Oakland-based indie pilot that featured both professional actors and  locals and was praised for its diversity. Creator Florencia Manovil said she created the show because she was frustrated with the lack of representation of gay people of color in the media. “We just constantly struggled with seeing representation of lesbians who were highly feminine, mostly white…that are pretty,” she said. “It’s a pretty homogenous representation.”

The main characters, a black butch/stud and gender non-conforming Filipina, are joined by a Latina femme, a femme with a beard, a several transgendered people and “queers from all over the gender expression spectrum.”


The second episode was screened at several film festivals last year including Outfest Fusion, Dinah Shore Film Festival, Inside Out Toronto and Frameline. Now it’s a full-fledged, 10-episode series that will be available to stream on a pay-per-view VOD platform through DykeCentral.com.

UPDATE: All 10 episodes of Dyke Central can now be streamed on Amazon Prime!

The long wait for new episodes was well worth it. The episodes are well-written, the characters are very relatable, and although a couple of the less seasoned actors seem a bit stiff in the first few episodes, the storylines that develop seem completely natural and yet, highly addictive.

To keep things interesting, new characters are introduced throughout the first season including a guest starring turn for Jill Bennett (And Then Came Lola) and new series regulars, Dalila Ali Rajah (Cherry Bomb), comedian D Lo (Looking, Transparent) and androgynous model Rain Dove (Living Different).


Fair warning: Watching Dyke Central will want to make you move to Oakland, CA, work out at The Perfect Sidekick and shop/hang-out/pick up women at the local farmers market. So, if you’re already experiencing a little wanderlust, you might just end up packing your bags and moving to the unique  community of Dyke Central.