WNBA Plays of the Week

Recap of the first week of WNBA

The WNBA season started late last month. And with multiple games happening on the day, sometimes on different channels it can be hard to keep up. Luckily for you, we picked the best plays of the last week.

Crossovers and Lay Ups

Connecticut Suns’ point guard Jasmine Thomas did not miss a beat despite a longer than usual hiatus from the season. This crossover nearly led to some broken ankles. It gave her some space to pull off a jumper so nice it would be the picture included in a baseball textbook. You know, if basketball required reading textbooks.


The Seattle Storm’s Jordin Canada was not to be outdone. Did she give up when faced with defensive pressure? Absolutely not. Despite hands in her face, she got her team two points with this impressive lay up.



The Chicago Sky were down eight points against the Phoenix Mercury, but basketball lesbian Courtney Vandersloot wasn’t about to let that lead grow. She snatched that ball like a wild cat hunting a bird. She took advantage and used her speed to get an easy lay up.


Speaking of great steals, the Minnesota Lynx’s Napheesa Collier’s great defensive work set her up nicely for a wide open lay up. When they said the best offense is a great defense, they meant that.

Lesbian Legends Only

It’s the fourth quarter and her team is up by 11 points. Did Diana Taurasi need to flex on us like this by hitting a three-pointer from way behind the line? No. But do we appreciate the display of lesbian greatness? Oh hell yeah.

You know what, why not have another Diana Taurasi three-pointer.


Meanwhile, another lesbian legend, Brittney Griner had no trouble using her height to get two points for her team.


But, Griner wasn’t as lucky on the other end of the court. Despite being nearly a foot taller than Sami Whitcomb, Griner just couldn’t block her shot. Whitcomb added to her team’s lead.


Chicago’s Allie Quigley gave us a clinic on ball handling. Her three got nothing but net.


Block Party

It isn’t all about the offense! We appreciate defensive plays, too. The Indiana Fever’s Julie Allemand was not having it early in the first half. The Belgian international let everyone know what she’s about when she blocked this shot.


The Atlanta Dream’s Elizabeth Williams definitely got an invitation to this block party. She used her 6’3” to deny this shot and prevent her team from trailing in double digits.


That Ball Movement Tho

Remember when your coach kept telling you that moving the ball is crucial to winning the game? No? Just me? Well coach was right. The opponent can’t score, if they can’t get their hands on the ball. And this ball movement from the Indiana Fever was so good, it led to a three-pointer. It’s definitely something coaches will show their players.

Buzzer Beater

Is there anything more dramatic than a buzzer beater? Even if it does happen at the end of the third quarter and your team is already up by 17 points? Well, maybe not, but this shot from Jewel Lloyd is still impressive!