“They Bruise” Episode 2 Focuses on Boxer Stacia Suttles


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Olympic-style athlete Stacia Suttles is tired of being told, “you fight like a man.” As well she should be, since being female while boxing has nothing to do with ability. As the New York Golden Gloves champion points out on camera in Marcos Meconi’s docu-series They Bruise, “It is kind of insulting. It’s like, there’s a bunch of men that fight that aren’t very good. Can’t I just be a girl that fights really well?”

Suttles, who describes herself as a tomboy, is the number one boxer in her category and is a member of Team USA.  She is the focus of episode two of They Bruise, which is an ongoing web series that profiles extraordinary female athletes who are going underreported and largely unrecognized in male-dominated sports like boxing. But the series is not just for sports fans. Director Meconi told AfterEllen in March 2017 when we featured the first episode of the series, “The idea is to use sports as an entry point to discuss larger issues.” One of those issues is gender discrimination, which Suttles reflects on in this episode, where she candidly discusses the gender pay gap in professional boxing, the gender expectations placed on female boxers, and her unexpected path to becoming a champion in her field.

From the filmmaker:

They Bruise is a web docu-series that profiles extraordinary female athletes who may not be getting the recognition they deserve. In the United States, women’s sports remain an underfunded arena and are still very much a “boys club”. They Bruise looks at disciplines as different as soccer, boxing, motorcycle racing, bodybuilding, or pole dancing and tries to find the common motivations and challenges that make these remarkable women bruise for the sport they love.

Suttles is in episode two of this important series. Watch:

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