“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (6.17): Take me to the boom boom room

Previously on Rizzoli & Isles: Maura turned into a Maur-rito. Jane planned her retirement with Maura in Maine. Maura wrote Jane a love poem.

Jane is finally moving out of Frankie’s place to be closer to Maura. Again, why these two don’t just bite the bullet and move in together to make this a proper Boston marriage is beyond me. But, you know, baby steps. Maura arrives to help Jane finish her packing. No, not that kind–what is wrong with you? But Jane is already done because her move consists of one box, one duffle bag, and one burnt cactus.


Frankie comes in to shoo his sister out of his apartment. He pretends it is because he is impatient to have his own lady friends over. But we all know it is because he can’t stand to hear Jane and Maura’s, um, athletic snuggling anymore.

Jane and Maura arrive on this week’s Murder of the Week crime scene together. A man had a bomb-ass tai chi session in the woods earlier–as in, his ass got bombed. Now his ass and his various other extremities are spread all over.


Jane grouses about being out in nature. Granted, I would too if the only hiking snacks packed along for the day was finger granola. But if only gross trail mix was the day’s biggest problem. Instead, while Maura is examining the body, Korsak commands everyone to stop because he realizes they’re all in a minefield–and not just emotionally.

Not to second-guess the Boston Police Department here, but if there’s a case involving a bombing wouldn’t the first step be to make sure there are no more bombs? Well, better late than never, I guess. So the bomb squad arrives and has everyone stand in place while they clear the area. Welcome to the Hurt Rizzoli Locker.