“Lost Girl” Rewind Mini-Cap (5.16): Rise

Rewind is a weekly mini-recap following the Syfy broadcast of Lost Girl. Read the full episode recap here.

This is it, friends, the true beginning of the end. For all of us, the loyal fans, who have watched through the sad times and the sexytimes, the bodice-ripping and the break-ups, the face-sucking and the sucky prophecies, we have come to our final adventure together. May we go down living the life we choose, forever.

The Succuby Gang looks to be in a dire, fiery place. But Bo’s horseshoe is shielding them from turning into cinder and dust. So is Bruce, who bursts in Kool-Aid Man style and saves the day. Bo has sent him, so she wasn’t trying to burn all her bridges–and everyone on them–after all.


Nope, Bo-Bo was just trying to prove her fealty to Daddy Darkness. Next, she has to off Plan B, i.e. Our Preggo Little Valkyrie. Bo offers to do the honors, which involves sucking a lotta face. Hey, why not one more for the road, eh? But don’t worry, this really isn’t a kiss-me-deadly situation. Everyone’s favorite bisexual succubus secretly snuck Tam-Tam a key in that kiss. Secret’s in the lips.

But Papa Hades is rightfully suspicious of Bo’s loyalty. But he lets her in on his plans to have her, acting as his Pyrippus, suck up all the chi from the colony. So he traps her in his hell shoes turned death-metal boots with the intent of bringing upon the Apocalypse. She resists, but then he gets all Mean Girls and trash talks about everyone she has broken and/or who has broken up with her. This proves, unironically, to be Bo’s breaking point.


Back on Vex’s Disco RV, the Succuby Gang (have I mentioned how mad I am it took me to the very last episode to think of this nickname?) is back in action trying to rescue their gal/save the world. Dyson takes a moment to become the show’s biggest Doccubus shipper, telling Lauren how worth it Bo really is. She offers her own olive branch with a discussion of how he can always have sloppy seconds.

They then realize the strange lights in the sky aren’t the beginning of an X-Files crossover, but Bo chi-draining the entire city. They’re only spared because of the lucky Horseshoe.


Bo is now in full evil megalomaniac/Donald Trump mode. Papa Hades plans to fill the empty vessels Bo has left scattered across the city with his will. They are now his army of darkness. I know, it’s a little on the nose. But we don’t have time to ponder any possible nuance because he has commanded all the city’s evil-dead cops to open fire on Bo’s buds. Luckily for that horseshoe, it guards against bullets as well as fire.