AfterEllen Podcast: One Lesbian Period Piece to Rule Them All

ammonite on the AE podcast

In case you missed our spoiler-filled Ammonite review, we go into EVEN GREATER spoilerific depths in our latest podcast. Personally, we’re really hoping most of you will watch this dang movie (canceling out the spoilers) because we REALLY need to talk about those love scenes. Like really, really, with all of you, not just each other. Yes, it costs a shocking amount of money to rent this movie, just to watch it on a laptop instead of a nice theater. But so far, there has not been nearly enough gossip about this film.

We do spend quite a bit of time processing those scenes together, so hopefully you’ll find some time to (not at work or in front of children) process with us. And leave us lots of comments about what you thought of the film!

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