Our Hearts Are Made of Plastic: Reviewing Miley’s New Rock Anthem

Miley Cyrus Plastic Hearts

In November 2020, bicon Miley Cyrus dropped her debut rock album, Plastic Hearts. Not only did Cyrus dip her toe into the rock music world (and did one hell of a job) the singer also captured her truest sexuality, which fills our gay hearts. *screams in lesbian*

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The first single release of the album, Midnight Sky plays right into Cyrus’ relationship with her sexuality. Cyrus alternates between using male and female pronouns to describe her sexual partners, and talks about finally being able to be free. The song itself kicked off the album and really set the tone for Cyrus’ new-rock-gay-icon vibe.

Likewise, the second drop of Plastic Hearts was a collab with none other than Dua Lipa called Prisoner. All we have to say is *swoons.*

Dua Lipa isn’t the only swoon-worthy collaborator on Cyrus’ new album, however. She also features Stevie Nicks (!!!), Billy Idol, and more. Plastic Hearts is Cyrus’ re-invention, and with the help of her friends, she does really get by. The Edge of Midnight mashup with Stevie Nicks is to die for, melding the two songs into one beautiful piece of art. It was almost as if Cyrus was born for Rock-n-Roll and we are living for it! Honestly, so is Cyrus.

This release was not without drama, however. After months of anticipation, fans were ecstatic to purchase physical copies of the album to support Cyrus. However, it seemed that absolutely no retail stores were carrying it, despite Cyrus’ attempts to get them to.

Cyrus herself was frustrated that none of her fans could buy physical copies of the album anywhere. Due to COVID-19/Coronavirus and the impact of Black Friday, the album was pushed back and not released in retail stores, which Cyrus wasn’t aware would happen.

“My fans are everything to me and to know y’all are disappointed when going to stores/calling/checking stock to be let down I am equally/if not more frustrated,” Cyrus stated. “When choosing 11/27 THE SUGGESTED DATE for album release, my team and I were never told major retailers don’t stock physical albums on Black Friday,” she said. “And wouldn’t get copies of PH until a few weeks after release. The packaging of the record is intimate, honest and a visual reflection of the sound of my new record that I am so proud of. It was created BY ME personally at home making art FOR YOU. I want it in your hands!”

Cyrus also went on the Call Her Daddy podcast to talk about and promote Plastic Hearts and was completely open about her sexuality. Entering the podcast space was a great marketing move on Cyrus’ part, as she was able to be open and honest about the creation of the album, and raw about how her sexuality and lifestyle played a factor in all of the song’s creations.

It’s no secret that Cyrus has faced her fair share of homophobic backlash. Midnight Sky expresses Cyrus’ bisexual desires and heartaches, and it reminds many of us of how hard she has fought to be undeniably herself.

When the singer split from her husband, Liam Hemsworth, and started dating a woman, news outlets everywhere started calling her a lesbian. Describing her kiss with the girl she was talking to as a “lesbian kiss” and saying basically that Cyrus was no longer attracted to men. What?

If you are a fan of Cyrus or not, we can all agree that she has gone through and faced a lot in the public eye. Plastic Hearts is Cyrus’ redemption; she is able to be authentically herself, delve into her rock-n-roll roots, and write her own narrative before the media can take that away from her. Through her collaborators, Cyrus builds a backbone of supporters who admire her for exactly who she is: the crazy, wonderful, impulsive, gay AF Sagittarius we all know and love.

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