AfterEllen Sportscast – Women’s Sports in Empty Stadiums

Unrecognizable female soccer player with a ball during a match on playing field.

This week on the AfterEllen Sportscast, we’re covering the wrap up of the NWSL Challenge Cup. Our sports analyst Gabrielle Alejandro breaks down the final result, including the top plays by our Most Valuable Sports Lesbians.

Like many of you, I want to like sports, the ultimate Girl Power, the real-life super heroines showing us our power and even fighting evil in their own way. But at the same time, I do not know anything about professional sports, including *how* to care about them. If so, you’ll appreciate Gaby’s guidance on this one, as she really knows how to break it down for us sportsball newbs.

So what do you think about the Challenge Cup final? And are you watching the new Covid-adapted WNBA season?

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  1. I’m not really into the WNBA. Maybe I’ll give it a shot and watch a few games. Now, the NWSL is totally different. I follow that religiously. I’m glad Houston Dash won. They did a great job. Overall it was a fun game to watch.

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